Whether you’re looking to order a memorable spicy tuna roll or you’re just a sushi enthusiast, there is plenty of sushi in Los Angeles to explore near and around your AVEN downtown LA apartments for rent.

sushi in Los Angeles

The Best Sushi in Los Angeles

Teru Sushi

First on our list is a bit further away from your luxury apartments for rent in downtown LA. However, it is easily one of the best in sushi spots in the city. Teru has been serving sushi addicts for 25 years now. The fish is fresh as can be, and unlike many sushi bars in LA, the crab meat is real. That said, the BSC Roll is a must. It is cheesy baked scallops on top of a California Roll. The decor is traditional, and they have an outdoor patio area which is open Tues.-Sun. from 5 PM to 9 PM. Reservations are required.

Fish Eight by Jinpachi

Are you thinking about ordering takeout? Along Melrose is Fish Eight, a sister company of Jinpachi, one of West Hollywood’s best sushi restaurants. Unlike Jinpachi, Fish Eight is wildly affordable. The nigiri is a must-try! Whether it’s the salmon, yellowtail, or sweet shrimp, you won’t find better-quality fish at these kinds of prices ($6 for two pieces).

Noshi Sushi

Last but certainly not least is Noshi Sushi, a staple restaurant in Koreatown. Rumor has it that they carry the best blue crab hand rolls in LA. People also cannot get enough of their giant scallop sushi, tres amigos, and spicy tuna roll. What we love most about Noshi Sushi is that they also use real crab meat. Just like the above sushi restaurants in LA near your AVEN apartments for rent in downtown LA, they are available for takeout, delivery, and outdoor patio dining. Just be sure to make a reservation on their website ahead of time.


Last but certainly not least, our favorite. Sugarfish should ring a bell as it is the most celebrated local sushi chain in LA. Unlike all the other sushi restaurants we have mentioned, the food here pays homage to traditional Japanese cuisine. The rice is warm, the options are simple, and the menu is prix fixe. No California Rolls or Caterpillar Rolls here. If you want, you can order additional pieces of sushi and cut rolls a la carte. Price points are similar to the rest on this list. Nothing too crazy and very well worth it. 

The Best Sushi in Los Angeles

There you have it! These are our top picks for the best sushi spots near your AVEN downtown LA apartments. For details and any changes, head to their websites.