With cannabis laws changing in California, there are now so many dispensaries to choose from. Which makes us think, where are the best dispensaries in Los Angeles? Lucky for all our AVEN neighbors, you are surrounded by tons of them. Whether it is the classic joint for recreational use or a CBD oil to help you fall asleep, here are the top 5 best dispensaries in Los Angeles.


Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles



First up is none other than the cannabis chain dispensary Medmen. Located less than a mile from your AVEN luxury apartment, this self-proclaimed Apple Store of cannabis has touch screens and a budtender Genius Bar suited for novices. Medmen specializes in high-end products such as bud, edibles, and topical products. This may be overwhelming to those new to the cannabis world. However, do not worry. Employees are there to guide you through all of their products. For those who don’t want to leave your luxury apartment, Medmen now offers free delivery!

Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles – The Arts District


The Arts District has one of our favorite dispensaries. In particular, DTPG. Why are they a favorite of ours? They have great deals! That includes free delivery around LA and daily deals like 25% off vapes and concentrates. In addition to all of that, DTPG offers one of the largest selections of Hybrid strains. That is not all! They also offer a variety of edibles including pet-friendly CBD products.

City Compassionate Caregivers

Another dispensary in the Arts District is City Compassionate Caregivers. They have great cannabis but are known for their hospitality. They are also very reliable. CCC has been cultivating some of Los Angeles’ top strains for over 20 years! Additi0nally, they collaborate with iconic hip-hop artists. That includes Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill, and Snoop Dogg. Also, Caregivers uses Snoop’s Premium Nutrients on several plants in their on-site growing facility.

Buddha Company

Unlike many dispensaries, Buddha Company was one of the first to cover the 2018 taxes for customers. With that said, you are in good hands when you visit Buddha Company. They also have great first-timer perks for all customers.


You may have noticed that the above dispensaries are all in Downtown LA. If you ever find yourself outside of DTLA, we highly suggest visiting these honorable mentions:

Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles

  1. The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks
  2. WHTC in Studio City
  3. Zen Noho in North Hollywood
  4. MMD in Hollywood