Takeout and Delivery Restaurants in LA

takeout and delivery restaurants in LA

While living in downtown LA, you are in the midst of the most delicious restaurants in the city. It gets better! AVEN luxury apartments in Los Angeles are near some of the best takeout and delivery restaurants in LA. It wasn’t easy narrowing down our list of favorites. However, here are our top five favorite takeout and delivery restaurants near your AVEN apartments.

Takeout and Delivery Restaurants in LA

Dough Box

First up is Dough Box. They are serving up some excellent Chicago deep-dish style pizza. Not all of us are big fans of the deep-dish style, but there is something about Dough Box that we cannot get enough of. That especially goes for those movie marathon nights.

Uncle John’s

Now it is time to move onto some fusion food over at Uncle John’s. This Chinese-American diner serves up great egg rolls and even cooks up a mean omelet. If you are ever in need of pre-made lunches, they have some very affordable ones. $6 per lunch box to be exact. They’ve got noodles in peanut sauce with ponzu wontons, tomato beef curry, and so much more.

Takeout and Delivery Restaurants in LA

LA Cafe

If you are ever looking for a menu with an overwhelming amount of dishes to select from, LA Cafe is it! For all those living in downtown Los Angeles and loves breakfast for dinner, LA Cafe serves breakfast all day, every day. Speaking of all day, every day, they deliver 24 hours a day! Highlights on their menu include their tacos and the lobster mac and cheese.

Broken Spanish

Only so many of the restaurants on this list are doing what Broken Spanish is doing. Aside from cooking up what may very well be the best Mexican food in LA, they are also providing you with specialty grocery options! If Whole Foods isn’t cutting it anymore, try out Broken Spanish.


We’ve also got our own local Zinque! This informal French bistro has some great charcuterie plates, perfect for your Zoom happy hour with friends. We are also big fans of their open-faced sandwiches.