If you have not noticed by now, here on our AVEN blog, we like to highlight the best social media holidays throughout the year. And coming this weekend, Saturday, April 13th, it is World Record Store Day. For all the music lovers here at AVEN, we highly suggest shopping at a local record shop or making your way over to some concerts to celebrate.


Where to see concerts for world record store day

As some of you already know, our luxury apartment is near some of the best concert venues.

The Wiltern

Starting with The Wiltern. Considered to be an LA landmark, The Wiltern features live music and comedy shows regularly. This month you can see:

The Teragram Ballroom

Looking for a more intimate setting? Then the Teragram Ballroom is the concert venue for you. Located at 1234 W 7th St., the Teragram Ballroom is a great concert venue to discover more unknown artists and bands in the music industry. This month and next month, they are featuring:

United Artists Theater

Next on our list is UAT and it is easily the most gorgeous theater on this list. This cathedral style venue opened in 1927 and is one of three in the country. At the moment, all April shows are over and May shows have not been announced. But stay tuned on our social media and newsletters to find out.

Staples Center

Last but certainly not least is the Staples Center. Along with catching the Lakers and Kings games, you can see tons of concerts here from top mainstream artists in the game. In the coming months you can see:

DTLA Record Shops

Record Store Day at The Last Bookstore

Now for our local record shops starting with The Last Bookstore. What was once a bank is now a two-story bookstore. This LA landmark includes different areas holding all sorts of literature, studios on the second floor, as well as a large corner dedicated to vinyl. One of the fun things about the vinyl section of The Last Bookstore is that most of the vinyl is vintage. In other words, you will not find too many records from recent, mainstream artists. Their collection is a bit more obscure.

Other record shops in downtown LA include:

LA Flea Markets

While the following record shopping opportunities are not this week, all our AVEN audiophiles should know that in the coming months there are some fantastic, local vinyl flea markets.

RNR Flea Market

The first being the RNR Flea Market. On the first Saturday of every month, the RNR Flea Market takes over the Regent Theater from 11 AM to 4 PM. It features 40 rotating vendors selling vinyl, vintage clothes, and crafts. There are even a live DJ and two full bars. Even better, admission is free!

Smoragsburg at The Row

While the weekly Smorgasburg always has tons of fantastic vendors and food trucks, every once and a while they feature record shop vendors. To find out when, stay tuned on our Instagram as well as our emails.