There are a lot of cheat day meals out there. Pizza, grilled cheese, ice cream, but at the top of our list at AVEN apartments in downtown LA, are hamburgers. Considering that National Hamburger Day is on May 26th, we thought we’d help you out by narrowing down the top burger joints near your apartments for rent in downtown Los Angeles.

National Hamburger Day

National Hamburger Day

Everson Royce Bar

Our first selection is Everson Royce over in the downtown LA Arts District. ERB is a bar with a minimal food menu. On that menu, however, are four burgers, each of which is worth celebrating with for National Hamburger Day. There is the Steamed Buns with roast pork belly, the Grilled Pork Chorizo Burger, the Shrimp “Roll”/Bun, and our favorite, the Single Burger. Please trust us when we say that the Single Burger is not just the best burger on this list but the best burger in LA. 

Plan Check

There is a lot that goes into a great burger. It is essential that your burger buns aren’t soggy. While most hamburger buns are at risk of turning soggy at some point in the meal, you can guarantee that the “crunch bun” from the burger at Plan Check will give you delicious crunchy texture with every bite.

National Hamburger Day


While living in Los Angeles, you have the luxury of having In-N-Out, the world’s most excellent boutique fast-food burger chain. While some of you will want to celebrate with a more high-end burger, you cannot deny a classic. There are only a handful of burgers to choose from, and we love them all.

Love Hour

A short drive away from your downtown Los Angeles apartments for rent is Love Hour in Koreatown. Unlike the above restaurants in LA with a prix fixe menu, you make your own at Love Hour. You choose between a single or a double burger and then pick your toppings.

Spoke Bicycle Cafe

For all you vegetarians out there, Spoke Bicycle Cafe is for you. Their Spoke Veggie Burger features housemade mushrooms, caramelized onions, garlic aioli, and lots of smokey flavors.

National Hamburger Day

While we are all currently sheltering at home, we are happy to report that every burger joint on this list is available for takeout and delivery. We wish you the best of luck in choosing your burger for this very delectable social media holiday.