Hello neighbors! We are so excited to see so many new faces at AVEN and we hope the moving process has been easy and swift. As many of you know, AVEN is a new high-rise luxury apartment in the center of South Park in DTLA. As we continue to fill up, more and more features are being added in. Take for instance Envoy.


Envoy electric car service.

Luxury Apartment Transportation at AVEN with Envoy

Being environmentally friendly is a priority here at AVEN. And big news, AVEN will soon be providing you with Envoy! What is Envoy you may ask? Well, Envoy is a top of the line, on-demand electric car service parked on site! All you have to do is download and register on the app, select your property, insert your AVEN code, reserve your car, then drive and enjoy. As far as keeping the car safe, all it takes is tap on your app to lock and unlock the car.

And do not fret, we have an electrical charging station here at AVEN when needed. Best of all, you have the choice of reserving a Tesla as your choice of vehicle! Also, if any issues or concerns arise, Envoy has 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance when needed. So the next time you have any errands to run and you have no car, choose Envoy. This fantastic new service at AVEN is coming to you soon so be on the lookout for updates.  

Additional South Park Updates

As mentioned, you are living in South Park, the current, most up and coming area of downtown Los Angeles. Along with retail, restaurants, and a park below us, there is so much to come this year in the South Park area. Take for instance all the updates recently mentioned by Farley Elliot in a recent la.eater article.

Coming soon to our area is The Proper Hotel. Two of the most awarded chefs in the city, Caroline Styne and Suzanne Goin have partnered with Lucques Group to develop numerous restaurants, bars, and in-room dining options. Best of all, it will be a short walk away from AVEN! According to the la.eater article, The Proper Hotel is set to feature, “a lobby-level restaurant, a panoramic rooftop restaurant-bar/lounge, a fourth-floor lounge, and in-room dining.” As far as cuisine is concerned, expect “old culinary cultures” such as Spanish, Moorish, Mexican, and Portuguese dishes. Delicious cocktails and wine included. Now, while your luxury apartment may include everything you want and more, any time you want a staycation, The Proper Hotel is going to be a great option. Expect to have that staycation and fine Mexican dining experience at The Proper Hotel this summer.


As you can see, you are living your best life here at AVEN. Better yet, your smart home features everything you need. That includes restaurants, retail, environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and a park down below coming soon. If that wasn’t enough, your South Park area is going to have one of the hottest hotels in DTLA! Stay tuned here and on our social media for more updates and continue living #AboveAllElse here at AVEN.