It’s almost game time! Our AVEN community has grown quite a bit and our luxury apartments in downtown LA are so excited to host our very own Superbowl party. However, we will not be hosting a pregame. That said, we want to make sure you all are ready for the big game. What better way to prepare yourself for the AVEN apartments Superbowl party than with a trip to some of the best sports bars in downtown LA!

bars in downtown LA

Sports bars in downtown LA: Biergarten

Ktown is not just known for karaoke. It is also home to some great bars in downtown LA. That includes Biergarten! While the outside seems a bit bland, on the inside there is a very unique menu. The cuisine is a hybrid of German and Korean dishes. You can expect to pregame for the big game with kielbasa or kimchi pancakes. And of course tons of beer!

Far Bar

Little Tokyo isn’t holding back on great bars in downtown LA to watch the big game. Far Bar is a Little Tokyo staple with great Asian fusion bar food. Our Superbowl party will have tons of food but don’t hold back on their miso mayo-topped Far Bar burger or wasabi fries.

Sports bars in downtown LA: Brack Shop Tavern

If you do decide to watch the game outside of your AVEN apartments in downtown LA, we highly suggest Brack Shop Tavern. Along with the giant screens, is has a large craft beer list. This bar isn’t the most spacious on this list but don’t be afraid to come with a group of friends. Brack Shop Tavern also has an upstairs level where you will find ping-pong tables, shuffleboard, Pac-Man, and N64 consoles. Essentially, it is game time all the time at Brack Shop Tavern.

Beelman’s Pub

Our apartments for rent in downtown LA are also lucky to be close to Beelman’s Pub. Remember, we are hosting our own Superbowl party and we will have vegan-friendly food available. We don’t plan on running out of snacks but of all the sports bars in downtown LA, Beelman’s Pub offers the best plant-based snacks. That includes their adobong mani a.k.a. peanuts with garlic.

Sports bars in downtown LA: Bunker Hill Bar & Grill

Living at AVEN luxury apartments in downtown LA has a lot of perks. That includes being a short drive away from Bunker Hill Bar & Grill. Many of you are sure to be with a large group of friends for game day. To satisfy everyone, Bunker Hill Bar & Grill’s menu has every cuisine you can think of. That includes sushi, tacos, burgers, and sandwiches.