Two weeks ago, we explored all the magnificent scenic points in and near downtown Los Angeles. Sometimes, we need a break from the city. While AVEN apartments in downtown LA doesn’t have many local hiking trails, the rest of Los Angeles does. Here is a list of some of our favorite hiking trails in LA.

hiking trails in LA

Hiking Trails in LA

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Our first stop is a Metro ride away from your luxury apartments for rent in downtown LA. If you are looking for a path that will make you sweat, Baldwin Hills in Culver City is it. The view at the top is magnificent! You can see the Hollywood sign and the ocean from different vantage points.

Ballona Wetlands Trail

Also in Culver City is the Ballona Wetlands Trail. The difficulty level is easy. It is 1.5 miles long and is an excellent trail for a jog. The scenery is filled with flowers, and fans of the path go there for bird watching. In a nutshell, if you want to find peace during your hike, you’ll find it here.  

Hiking Trails in LA

Franklin Canyon Park

Your AVEN apartments in downtown LA pretty much have it all, with the exception of Franklin Canyon Park in North Hollywood. It is located near Benedict Canyon, spans over 605 acres, with over five miles of trails. Our favorite trail is the Discovery Trail, with a beautiful river for your view. 

Wilacre Park/Fryman Canyon Park

Up next is Wilacre Park, which shares a parking lot with Fryman. Within Wilacre Park, you’ll find great views of the San Fernando Valley. It can also take you through three different parks: Wilacre, Fryman Canyon, and Coldwater Canyon. The trail we recommend for Wilacre, in particular, is the Betty B. Dearing Trail. 

Runyon Canyon

Last up is a staple trail of Los Angeles. Over in Hollywood is Runyon Canyon. It has an excellent dog park at the bottom and multiple areas to do yoga. Best of all, it includes several different trails varying in difficulty. You can have a simple hike with the pup and a hardcore uphill run. Do know that Runyon is always crowded. 

Hiking Trails in LA

We understand many of you living in downtown LA at AVEN want to stay as local as possible. Thankfully, two of the vantage points mentioned in our last blog include great walking paths. In particular, Elysian Park and Vista Hermosa Natural Park. They aren’t much of a workout, but you will still get your steps in for the day. Another somewhat local favorite of ours is Elyria Canyon Park. It is a 35-acre nature park in the hills near downtown Los Angeles.