Living in Los Angeles means you are just a jog away from very healthy food. That especially goes for your AVEN luxury apartments in downtown LA. However, not all of them are created equal. In fact, many of them are not as healthy as they appear. That is where our LA food blogs come in! Today, we are featuring the best healthy restaurants in LA for lunch in particular. 


healthy restaurants in LA

Healthy Restaurants in downtown LA

Not all apartments for rent in downtown LA are within walking distance from healthy restaurants. Fortunately, AVEN is.

Bodhi Bowl LA

The most walkable healthy spot from AVEN is Bodhi Bowl. When it comes to affordable restaurants in downtown LA, this is one of them. Just a five-minute walk, Bodhi Bowl is an all-vegan lunch spot with wraps, salads, and bowls. The must-try dishes are the Samsara Bowl and Sangha Bowl.

Kismet Falafel

Our next spot is classified more like a “keeping it kind of healthy” spot with tons of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Kismet Falafel is a Mediterranean restaurant at our Grand Central Market. Many dishes are fried but when a restaurant is serving you chickpea balls you will be saying to yourself, “this is actually pretty healthy for fried food!” Dishes to highlight on their menu would be the Kismet Falafel and the Sumac-Beet Soda.

Healthy Restaurants in LA: Silver Lake

One of our favorite areas outside of LA to find healthy lunch spots is in Silver Lake. There is a handful of them but here are our top two favorites:


If we are eating healthy this year, it is essential to have our plates filled with fresh, farm-to-table food like at Forage. It is affordable and the lines aren’t overwhelming. Items on the menu to highlight would be their mac and cheese, seared salmon bowl, and coconut curry with chicken.


There are a number of defining cafes in LA. One of them is Sqirl in Silver Lake. The defining dish on the menu is the sorrel pesto rice bowl featuring a poached egg and feta cheese over rice. Their savory menu is just the beginning. They have some great sweet dishes like the ricotta toast with jam. We are aware that you can get avocado toast anywhere in LA. Some would say that you might as well make it at home. However, the best avocado toast in LA is at Sqirl.


We know that dining in LA isn’t cheap. Do not let that stop you from eating healthy. Our AVEN apartments for rent in downtown LA feature an affordable Everytable and Territory Foods fridge with ready-made meals. With Territory, in particular, they are chef-made meals DESIGNED FOR YOU. All you have to do is sign-up and the food will be delivered to the refrigerator on our 7th Floor California Deck. With Evertyable, they are ready to eat meals that are regularly stocked and available to everyone at all times.