On a typical Father’s Day, we would be buying tickets to a baseball game or throwing him a BBQ with all your closest family friends. This year is a bit different. While we may not be taking him out to the ball game, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate our dad’s. 

fathers day

Father’s Day

Cook Together

Starting with food! Begin with a homemade breakfast for good ole dad. There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs. We’d suggest eating light for lunch. Perhaps order delivery from any one of our local downtown LA restaurants near your luxury apartments in Los Angeles. You can see some of our favorites here. Let the cooking begin for dinner! A feast made by the entire family. For some great recipes, check out this list from Bon Appetit.

DIY Gift Ideas

Nothing beats a handmade gift. With everything being digital these days, printing out your favorite photo of you and your dad with a handmade frame is not only a gift but a necessity. You can also steal his heart with some homemade sweets. Anyone of these recipes should do the trick. For more DIY gift ideas, check out this list from countryliving.com.

Father’s Day

Family Game Night

Let the games begin! By games, we mean Scrabble and jigsaw puzzles. There are tons of other games we have in mind for families with kids of all ages. If puzzles are more your style, we have some options for you here.

Beer Tasting

If you have toddlers, they will probably go to sleep early. For those with a newborn, fingers crossed they are in bed by happy hour. If so, organize the man of the house a beer tasting! Best of all, your downtown Los Angeles apartments are just a few minutes away. We’ve got First Draft Taproom & Kitchen, Mumford Brewing, Wurstküche, and Golden Road in Grand Central Market. If your kids happen to be of age, mix things up with some cocktails or add in a wine tasting. 

Father’s Day

Watch Comedy Specials

Never underestimate the power of laughter. There are a handful of incredible comedy specials on Netflix. However, if you need family-friendly options, check out any of the five Jim Gaffigan comedy specials. If your kids are adults, Dave Chappelle’s newest comedy special will do just the trick.

Watch a Sports Documentary

We are all missing sports right now. Thankfully a few weeks ago, we talked about how everyone at AVEN apartments in downtown Los Angeles can enjoy sports while they are on hiatus. Check it out! It includes a list of wonderful sports documentaries.

We know that some of you may not be able to see your dad this year for Father’s Day. Don’t let that stop you! We have a list of fun virtual tours around the world that you could enjoy over Zoom. Speaking of Zoom, a happy hour over facetime is a gift in itself. You can get creative and watch dad’s favorite film through netflixparty.com. There is even Playing Cards, a website that has tons of games to play together online.