Here at AVEN, everything you could possibly want is in close reach making it hard to leave downtown LA. That especially goes for nightlife. However, the Hollywood bars are a close second to the bar scene here in DTLA.


Hollywood bars: Rooftop bars

Mama Shelter

Hollywood bars: Mama Shelter
Photograph: Courtesy of Mama Shelter Los Angeles/

First on our list of rooftop bars is a restaurant and hotel called Mama Shelter. When you find yourself at the rooftop, you are greeted with bright, multicolored sofas and chairs to lounge in. They have a great cocktail menu but nothing beats their Moscow mule bar. And on warm summer nights, Mama Shelter is a great place to dine under the stars.


Hollywood bars: Skybar
Photograph: Courtesy of Skybar at Mondrian/TimeOut

There is also Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel. If you choose to grab cocktails here, do know you must dress to impress in order to gain entry. As far as the decor goes, this Mexican-style oasis includes floral wallpaper, fun hidden nooks, and a pool! And our drink of choice is their mojito.

Hollywood bars: Speakeasies

Sunset & Vinyl

Hollywood bars: Sunset and Vinyl
Photograph: Courtesy of Sunset & Vinyl/Acuna Hansen/TimeOut

Located above the 800 Degrees Pizzeria on Vine is our first Hollywood Speakeasy, Sunset & Vinyl. And unlike many speakeasies, this one is not too hard to find. There is no secret door or password. Just enter the pizzeria, follow the hallway to the bathroom, walk up the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in a quaint bar with great cocktails. There is a 1940’s aesthetic to it accompanied by big, cushy lounge sofas and a vinyl collection. And our drink of choice would have to be their Old Fashioned. 

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Hollywood bars: Good Times at Davey Wayne's
Photograph: Courtesy of Rotfeld

Up next may be one of the most iconic bars in all of Los Angeles. Throw yourself back to the ’70s over at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. Upon first sight, you will see what looks like a garage sale. And to enter the “booze-fueled time machine,” you’ll make your way through an old refrigerator. Once inside, you’re transported to a 1970’s house party. On the outdoor patio portion of the bar, you will find a taco stand plus iceez infused with alcohol. And if you’re lucky, you will be entertained by the occasional rooftop roller show. 

La Descarga

Hollywood bars: La Descarga
Photograph: Courtesy of La Descarga/

Up next is a reservations-only bar called La Descarga. To gain access, you must walk through a secret closet that will lead you down a spiral staircase. Once you’ve entered, you are greeted by a Havana-inspired speakeasy. They offer great rum cocktails that can be accompanied by a cigar in their cigar lounge. And La Descarga would be nothing without their burlesque shows. 

Hollywood bars: Honorable Mentions

The Spare Room

Hollywood bars: The Spare Room
Photograph: Courtesy of

Many of us have heard of the Roosevelt Hotel. But only so many know about the Spare Room. Tucked away on the second floor, the Spare Room transcends you into another era with an antique, two-lane bowling alley. The drinks on the menu are expertly made and can be accompanied by a game of Dominoes, Monopoly, Connect Four or Battleship. Game on!

The Study

Hollywood bars: The Study
Photograph: Courtesy of Pinterest

This Hollywood bar and club may look like a library but it is anything but. Never quiet, the Study comes with nightly live music or DJ sets. It may even be one of our favorite bars as far as interior decor goes. Dim lighting compliments the moody artifacts and dusty volumes of all sorts of books glued to the walls. 

No Vacancy

Hollywood bars: No Vacancy
Photograph: Courtesy of

Last up is No Vacancy. Before entering, you’re led to the bar with a red carpet walkway. Once inside you’re greeted with an array of entertainment. That includes DJ’s, dancers, old-timey band porch sessions, and a gravity-defying act. The theme is old-Hollywood and the building itself is a restored Victorian home. There is tons of seating including a garden-style courtyard with fireplaces. 


Whether it be a tiki bar, dive bar or rooftop lounge, toast to your beautiful city and your AVEN lifestyle with a night out on the town in Hollywood.