The average Angeleno works 81 hours every year. That’s a full two weeks more than their counterparts in metropolitan cities like New York and Chicago. In such a fast-paced city like LA, living in luxury high rise apartments in Downtown Los Angeles may hold the key to healthy work/life balance.

Work/Life Balance and Quality of Life

Many people believe that working for long hours is the key to success. Studies have proven that the opposite happens. Individuals who have consistently overworked show higher stress levels, more health problems, and reduced productivity at work.

On the other hand, a healthy work/life balance positively affects all aspects of life. Here are just some of its many benefits:

  • Fewer health conditions
  • Boosted immune system
  • Less burnouts
  • Improved focus
  • Stronger personal and work relationships
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Emotional and mental stability

Where you live has a significant impact on work/life balance; the good news is that it comes naturally when you live in luxury apartments in DTLA.

How Luxury Apartments in DTLA Lead to Work-Life Balance

From amenities to the surrounding neighborhood, AVEN’s luxury high rise apartments in Downtown Los Angeles are designed with a full, healthy lifestyle in mind.

Since everything you need is just outside your door, it becomes so much easier to achieve work/life balance:

  • Change your work environment.

Getting out of the office once in a while is proven to boost productivity. Fortunately, indoor/outdoor co-working lounges are now a staple in luxury apartments. You can hold meetings, presentations, or simply work in a quiet corner with your laptop without being confined in the office all day.

  • Focus on your fitness.

Overworking and burnouts make people more vulnerable to serious health problems. That’s why AVEN’s high-quality luxury apartments are equipped with gyms, volleyball and basketball courts, pools, and yoga studios. When you live close to these amenities, it’s easier to take care of your body and make fitness a habit.

  • Stay close to nature.

Spending time in outdoor spaces is vital to general well-being. AVEN’s luxury apartments in DTLA are strategically located close to parks. We also offer a dedicated active lawn so you can get fresh air and sunshine anytime you want.

  • Delicious, healthy food right around the corner.

Another critical factor in having work/life balance is eating healthy, nutritious food. Luxury apartments in DTLA are conveniently located near diverse dining options. In the mood for a home-cooked meal? Head on over to Pershing Square Farmer’s Market or nearby grocery stores for fresh ingredients.

  • Strengthen your social ties.

Newer luxury apartments in Downtown Los Angeles don’t just cater to the residents; they accommodate guests. Our luxury apartments provide social spaces where you can host family and friends for a fun BBQ party or a movie night. When you have a place to entertain, it’s easier to take care of your relationships with other people.

Relax in Your Own Sanctuary Here at AVEN

Work/life balance is all about having a place where you can completely relax and pamper yourself. As the very first Thoughtful Living high-rise in Downtown LA, that’s exactly the kind of lifestyle you will come home to at AVEN.

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