With Easter just along the horizon, tons of brunches and lunches are upon us. And that includes the ones with your friends and family in your new AVEN luxury apartment. To make sure you have everything covered, sweets, in particular, we have a list of the best bakeries and Easter brunch cafes in the downtown area.



First, we have Pitchoun! over in the Financial District/Pershing Square area. Here you will find a massive array of croissants, loaves of bread, sweets, and more. Like every other bakery on this list, Pitchoun! makes for a great brunch spot. If you decide to dine here on Easter Sunday, we highly suggest trying out the avocado toast with a poached egg on top.

Bottega Louie

Up next is Bottega Louie just a few blocks away from AVEN. Bottega Louie is known for their vibrant, colorful macarons, which you can never go wrong with. As far as what macarons to order, you cannot go wrong with their lemon, pistachio, or earl grey macarons.

Easter Brunch at Bread Lounge or Nazo’s 

Then there is the one and only Bread Lounge. Fun fact, they have some of the best sandwiches in town. That especially goes for their Bird Sandwich. However, we are here to talk about pastries and what to bring to your Easter brunch. That said, we cannot get enough of their almond danishes, the Rosie Nutella coffee cake, or their Jerusalem bagels.

Another hot spot to pick up the freshest bread is Nazo’s. While we love stopping by for breakfast, you cannot go wrong with their chocolate croissants for that Easter brunch of yours. And if you choose to dine at the cafe, please try out their egg salad sandwich.

Clark Street Bread

Last up is Clark Street Bread over at Grand Central Market. This is the place where you can get an incredible loaf of bread. In particular, their raisin walnut or danish rye.


Now that you have some insight on what sweets and baked goods to bring to your Easter feast, all you have to do is choose which bakery. And for those not celebrating Easter, make your way over to any one of these spots for the perfect Sunday brunch.