Thanksgiving has passed and we hope you all have had enough turkey to last a lifetime. Now, as we enter the month of December, it is time to make our Hanukkah plans. And for those of you looking to celebrate at least one night with a trip to a deli, continue reading and discover all the downtown LA delis to visit while living at AVEN.

downtown LA delis

Downtown LA Deli’s: Arto’s Broadway Deli

First, there is Arto’s Broadway Deli. Although it is not a Jewish deli, Arto’s serves up some incredible lentil soup. It is also very affordable. Now, this may not be kosher, but we cannot suggest a visit to Arto’s without crediting their cheesesteaks. They are delicious and the perfect cheat day meal.

New York City Deli

Located a few blocks away from Arto’s at 843 S Los Angeles St. is New York City Deli with a ton of kosher options. Take for instance their hot pastrami. Also, their bagels are outstanding, whether you order them plain or with lox. And just like Arto’s, New York City Deli is very affordable.

Downtown LA Deli’s: Mel’s Deli

Up next is Mel’s Deli on 548 S Spring St. Open from 11 AM to 6 PM, Mel’s is also not entirely a Jewish deli. However, that does not mean that they do not have an incredible egg salad. We also suggest trying out their potato salad. Other must-haves from their menu are the pastrami sandwich and prosciutto and burrata sandwich with arugula.

Rhythm & Bagels

Last up is Rhythm & Bagels on 119 E 5th St.  For anyone interested in a spot with an epic bagel and lox sandwich, this is the spot for you. However, do know that they are only open Friday’s from 6 PM to 11 PM and weekends from 4 PM to 10 PM.


From Italian delis to Jewish delis, there is no shortage of delicatessens in downtown LA. And regardless of the fact that very few of these are just Jewish deli’s, you now know that while living at AVEN, you get tons of variety. That especially goes for dining out.