Your AVEN luxury apartments in downtown LA are in for a treat! Dining in LA is always an adventure, especially now with all the new restaurants. For all our new neighbors, we featured tons of food blogs in 2019. We covered the best vegan restaurants in LA and we talked about the best happy hours in downtown LA numerous times. However, it should not come as a surprise that we have so much more to indulge in. Let’s dig in!

dining in LA

Dining in LA at Pasjoli

First up is Pasjoli, a French restaurant in Santa Monica. If you are looking to celebrate an occasion or splurge on a decadent meal, this is the place. The hottest meal on the menu is the duck. The duck is cut tableside which means you are getting dinner and a show! And their chocolate souffle is a definite must.


Up in the Hollywood Hills is a tiny Japanese restaurant called Kensho. Kensho would make for a great date night spot and includes a great outdoor patio space with a wonderful view of the Hollywood sign. As far as the menu is concerned, it is quite small. While delicious, Kensho is more ideal for a pre-dinner snack spot. It is also a great pre-dinner dining spot because Kensho is a wine bar as well!

Dining in LA at Dudley Market

If you are looking for a great, new seafood restaurant in LA, then head over to Dudley Market in Venice. Of all the new restaurants in LA on this list, this is one of the more affordable places. The fish is caught locally daily and we would expect no less. You never really know what you are going to get as the menu changes according to what fresh fish they catch in the morning. This casual weeknight dinner spot also features great wine. As far as food goes, they have great oysters and shrimp toast.  

Bon Temps

Now it is time to highlight one of the newest restaurants in downtown Los Angeles. Over in the downtown LA Arts District is Bon Temps. This is another French restaurant with the standard yet loveable industrial decor that the arts district is known for. For all you crab lovers out there, they have a fantastic Dungeness crab cake on the menu. If you do not know where to start, begin by ordering their tomato tartare. And what is a French restaurant without some caviar? The uni caviar tartelette is another great item on the menu to start your meal off right.

Dining in LA at V

Last but certainly not least is V, another new DTLA restaurant. Unlike the other new LA restaurants on this list, there are a few downsides about V. The first being that the food is just okay. Also, if you are looking for something quiet and intimate, V is not the place for you. However, if you want an extravagant night out with a group of friends at a restaurant with gaudy and playful decor, then make your way over to V. Best of all, it is within walking distance of your AVEN apartment!


Dining in LA is always an experience and this year, it just got a whole lot more delicious.