Welcome to February, everyone! As we all know, this is the month of love. And for all you  AVEN couples, this is a blog post for you and where to celebrate Valentines Day this year in DTLA.


The LA Chapter Bar at The Ace Hotel
Photo courtesy of Ace Hotel by Laure Jolliet.

Valentines Day at a Rooftop Bar

A view of the DTLA horizon all lit up is quite the romantic sight. And there are a handful of rooftop bars to enjoy the view from.

The Ace Hotel

There is no better way to start off this list than with a very iconic DTLA destination, The Ace Hotel. While this is a list of rooftop bars, we highly suggest starting your Valentine’s Day date night on their first floor for dinner at L.A. Chapter. After you’ve finished dining, take the elevator to the rooftop bar, Upstairs. Here you will find a large jacuzzi, a grand cathedral-like structure above you and of course, fantastic views.


Of all the rooftop bars in downtown Los Angeles Perch is the best. While it can get packed quickly, get there early and enjoy the most stellar view of Pershing Square.

Bar Thirteen

This cozy lounge at 448 S Hill St is perfect for anyone who loves music. Hidden within Perch, this nostalgic atmosphere along with cocktails and live jazz music is the perfect way to toast to your love on this special day.

Valentines Day dinner at Faith & Flower
Photo via avroko.com

Romantic Restaurants

The Edison

To start off, we have The Edison. Originally an electrical generator station, The Edison plays silent films all along the walls. Most nights include a live band as well. While the menu is small, what they offer is delicious. That especially goes for the tomato soup and cheese sandwiches. The entrance to The Edison is located on an alley off of 2nd Street called Harlem place. We highly suggest checking out a map beforehand as this underground bar is difficult to find. And lucky for you, there will be no cover charge on Valentines Day. We also suggest you get there a bit early to miss the line. Lastly, there is a dress code: no athletic wear of any kind and men must wear dress shoes and a collared shirt.

Le Petit Paris

Looking to step back in time? Then transport yourself back to a 1930’s Paris French restaurant called Le Petit Paris. Their menu is grand and they have a great wine list. We highly suggest trying out their truffle pasta that is prepared side table.

Faith & Flower

This vintage-inspired New American restaurant serves up some of the best food in town. Also, all you seafood fanatics should know that Faith and Flower includes a raw-bar. And make sure to dive into any one of their craft cocktails.

If none of those spots work, here are some of our other favorites:

Romantic outings on valentines day in DTLA
Photo via Traveling Man on Flickr

Romantic Outings for Valentines Day

If any of you decide to stay in for dinner and drinks, know that there is plenty of other, unique romantic adventures to have in downtown Los Angeles. For instance, there is The Broad. Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday which is a great day to go, especially during the afternoon. If that does not work out, head on over to Grand Central Market for the coolest indoor farmers market. Once you’re done there, cross the street over and take a ride along Angels Flight Railway. It is finally back and makes for a delightful, short train ride.

Once again, AVEN is able to provide anything you need. That includes a romantic setting for Valentine’s Day on our Ojai Deck or by the fire in the active lawn. And on a final note, no matter where you choose to dine make a reservation in advance. Happy Valentines Day to all the couples and Happy Singles Appreciations Day to all our single neighbors.