Hey there neighbors! We hope you all are having a smooth move into AVEN. As you begin to get more comfortable, you are going to want to explore your city even more. While there is tons of fun that awaits you in South Park, we want you to have the low down on the hottest spots all around DTLA. And that includes Little Tokyo.


Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo
Photo via larchmontledgerla.com

Art and Entertainment in Little Tokyo 

The Blue whale

For those who love jazz music, make your way over to The Blue whale. Easily one of the best jazz clubs in the city, the music comes first here. Not only is it a jazz club, but it is an art gallery space too. With the sophisticated decor and dim lighting, you will find that a trip to the Blue whale will make for a great date night.

Kyoto Gardens

Unfortunately, one of our favorite gardens in the city, The James Irvine Japanese Garden is under construction for the entire year. However, the same cannot be said for the Kyoto Gardens. Although much smaller, make your way over to the rooftop of The DoubleTree and explore a half-acre of trees, flowers, greenery, waterfalls, and tranquil ponds with a stunning view of DTLA. It is also a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Best of all, it is free!

Japanese Village Plaza

Last up is the most popular and iconic destination in Little Tokyo, the Japanese Village Plaza. Filled with tons of dining, shopping, and exploring, the excitement never ends here. A great area for a family day, the Japanese Village Plaza includes Cafe Dulce with their delectable bacon donut holes plus Shabu Shabu House and Mikawaya with the best mochi in town.  

The top 5 best sushi restaurants in Little Tokyo

Dining in Little Tokyo

It should come as no surprise that there is tons of food in Little Tokyo. That especially goes for sushi.

Top 5 Sushi Restaurants

Considering that there is so much to choose from, here is a list of our top five favorite sushi spots in the area.

  1. Calling all vegans and vegetarians! Shojin Organic gives you a different take on sushi using vegetables and grains to replace fish and faux meats. Instead, they use ingredients like tofu, enoki mushroom, and lotus root. Our favorite items include the spicy “tuna” on crispy rice or the dynamite roll. As far as the most popular item on the menu goes, it is the Kiss of the Spider Woman roll.  
  2. Sushi Gen is next. Serving sushi for over 30 years now, the line for a table will be long but totally worth it. Additionally, Sushi Gen is quite expensive. In regards to the menu, our highlights are the sashimi platter and monkfish liver.
  3. Hama Sushi is also a must. Unlike Sushi Gen, this lovely hole in the wall serves affordable, high-quality fish. Additionally, they have a very traditional menu. In fact, there is a sign on the door that states, “No tempura, no teriyaki, no noodles, only sushi, and sashimi.” That in mind, we suggest giving the spicy tuna hand rolls or albacore sashimi a try.
  4. Then we have Sushi Go 55which has been around since 1929. Family-owned, they also have a simple menu. Their sea urchin is delicious and they have a great selection of live seafood. One of their must-trys would have to be their uni shooters.
  5. Last up is Komasa. Another one of the more affordable sushi spots, you will find the best spicy tuna rolls and sweet shrimp here.


Whether it is sushi or a place to escape, Little Tokyo will keep you on your feet and your belly’s full. Enjoy!