Among one of the most popular tourist destinations, Chinatown features some really delicious food. There are tons of options so we are going to break it down for you all. Sit back, take notes, and enjoy AVEN’s favorite restaurants in Chinatown.


The Best Restaurants in Chinatown – Lasa

Restaurants in Chinatown - Lasa
Photograph courtesy of @lasa_la

First up we have LASAThis must-stop eatery was once a pop-up and is now one of the best Filipino restaurants in the city. During the day, you can order through a little outside window for lunch until dinner time when the space turns into a full-service restaurant. The decor is simple and homey. That homey essence is also due to the fact that everyone who works there is happy you came and treats you like family. Now let’s get to our favorite dishes. We highly suggest trying the beef kilawin, crispy duck leg tinola, and rice flour chicharron. 

Howlin’ Ray’s

Howlin Rays
Photograph courtesy of @howlinrays | Captured by @cheatdayeats

Now it is time to taste some cheat day eats with Howlin’ Ray’s. Located in the North East Plaza just a few doors down to Lasa is a plate of delicious, crispy chicken just waiting for you. Also, prepare to get very messy with Howlin’ Ray’s. You even have the luxury of determining your level of heat with your order! 

The Best Restaurants in Chinatown – Okiboru

Photograph courtesy of @okiboru

Looking for ramen? Then look no further than Okiboru. The style of ramen is tsukemen and is made fresh in-house daily. They offer the traditional bowls as well as the tsukemen-style where you dunk the noodles into the broth. They also have vegan broth for all the vegans out there. The same goes for anyone who is celiac with their gluten-free noodles.


Photograph courtesy of @majordomola

Majordomo is next and features some epic Korean comfort food. If you are dining out with a big group of friends, Majordomo is the spot to go. The dishes are massive, meant to be shared, and feature market-fresh vegetables. Their signature dish is the chickpea flatbread with tons of toppings. Do take note that it is one of the pricier spots on this list. 

The Best Restaurants in Chinatown – Won Kok Restaurant

Last on this list is a hidden gem in Chinatown called Won Kok Restaurant. They may not be known for their decor but their dim sum is otherworldly. They also have great sesame balls with a red bean center. Overall, their baked goods are incredible. We love their baked coconut buns.