Hello everyone! Welcome back to the third installment of our arts district blog posts where we will be discussing the best restaurants in the arts district. We have some great restaurants to review for you just around the corner from AVEN.

best restaurants in the arts district

Best Restaurants in the Arts District: Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Starting with Rappahannock Oyster Bar! All the seafood lovers out there have to check this restaurant out located at The Row. They have a full raw bar featuring oysters from the owners’ own oyster farm. They also have a great sandwich menu. We can live off of their burrata and lobster roll!

Best Restaurants in the Arts District: Tacos 1986

Looking for a delicious and affordable taco spot? Then you have to check out the Tacos 1986 taco stand. The star of their menu is the adobada but we find their entire menu irresistible. For now, you can find them at the weekly Sunday Smorgasburg over at The Row from 10 am to 4 pm. And if you miss out, stay on the lookout for their brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Best Restaurants in the Arts District: The Manufactory

Also located at The Row is the Manufactory. The Manufactory is much like its own village featuring multiple dining concepts. First is the walk-up window where you can order the iconic Tartine pastries serving a selection of rotating, cookies, muffins, and scones. There is also a full coffee bar to complement your pastry. Then there is the dinner-only restaurant, the Alameda Supper Club. The menu is expensive but very delicious. Their cheddar and smoked ham toast is a major hit. And people are raving about the black cod and Dungeness crab. Lastly, there is a market for you to find a selection of home goods and pantry samples. 

The Row

We have mentioned it all throughout this blog post and it is time to dig a little deeper into the Row. The Row is a collection of specialty curated retail shops. It’s like walking into a private, artsy shopping center with tons of adorable boutiques and dining experiences. It is also home to the iconic Sorgasburg LA plus pop-up shows on occasion.

Tonic Bar + Trojan Athletics

Anyone who is into smoothies and CrossFit must make their way over to Trojan Athletics. When you first walk in, you will see a small tonic bar serving up all sorts of smoothies and juices perfect for that pre or post-workout drink.


A warehouse filled with different dining experiences to CrossFit gym with a juice bar, the Arts District knows how to give you the ultimate dining experiences.