Welcome back to the blog everyone and a big shoutout to all our new neighbors who have just moved into AVEN! We are so happy to call you a neighbor. For those who do not know, our blog is here for you to discover the latest and greatest that is going on in your area. That especially goes for the various restaurants serving up the best Mexican food in town. 

Mexican Food

Mexican Food from Broken Spanish

First up is Broken Spanish at 1050 S. Flower St. What we love most about Broken Spanish is the way they present their food as well as the ambiance. Their menu is also out of this world. Their Pollo Prensado is delicious and full of heat and their El Antiguo cocktail is a must have. One thing to take note of with Broken Spanish is their hours. They operate from 5:30 PM to 10 PM. That said, Broken Spanish is our favorite Mexican restaurant to dine at for dinner. Luckily, they take reservations so we highly suggest making one if you plan on eating here.

Mexican Food from El Cholo

Then there is El Cholo at 1037 S. Flower Street. Another Mexican restaurant with incredible decor, you can have El Cholo for lunch or dinner. If you decide to go for dinner, you can enjoy your meal al fresco style. And there is nothing more romantic than a meal with an open sky. Also, for everyone with a sweet tooth, El Cholo makes the perfect flan.

Mexican Food from B.S. Taqueria

We also have B.S. Taqueria at 514 W. 7th Street. Of all the restaurants on this list, B.S. Taqueria has the best chips and guacamole. And anyone looking for some flavorful churros, this is the spot for you. Another Mexican restaurant with incredible decor, make your way to the back room for some chill vibes with one of their many cocktails.

Mexican Food from Guisados

Last up is Guisados in Historic Core at 541 S. Spring Street Ste 101. If there is something to love here at Guisados it is that it is incredibly affordable and has great hours. Open from 9 AM to 11 PM, you cannot beat any of their flavorful tacos for $2.95.

Food Trucks

We cannot go without mentioning some of our favorite Mexican food trucks that you can find around the area:

  1. Border Grill
  2. Danny’s Tacos
  3. Blue is Blue Taco Truck


From Taco Tuesdays to that late night burrito craving, you have access to the best Mexican food in LA while living at AVEN. Also, be on the lookout for our Food Truck Friday’s at our South Park Commons where you are sure to find all the above taco trucks and more!