One of the most important holidays that you didn’t know existed is a month away. National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! That’s right, the cheesiest sandwich will be celebrated around the world on April 12th. AVEN apartments in downtown LA wants you to be prepared. So, we created a list of restaurants in LA with grilled cheese sandwiches that will make you melt.

The best grilled cheese sandwiches in LA

the best grilled cheese sandwiches in LA

City Tavern

First up is a spot close to AVEN in downtown LA. City Tavern has a perfectly toasted grilled cheese for $14. City Tavern also has an incredible selection of beers that will pair beautifully with their cheesy, toasted sandwich.


Our next grilled cheese sandwich is over in West Hollywood at the Foodlab. While Foodlab may be known for their healthy farm-fresh menu, they still cook up an incredible $9 grilled cheese. You also have a choice of wheat or five-grain toast. Like many respectable grilled cheese sandwiches, they blend a variety of cheeses together. Those cheeses include Gruyere, Tallegio, and Raclette. Additional flavor is added on with grainy mustard as your dipping sauce.

The best grilled cheese sandwiches in LA

The Melt

Back over in DTLA is The Melt featuring the Mac Daddy. For $6.79, this melt features crispy bacon, fried onions, and the creamiest mac and cheese on sourdough toast. The Mac Daddy does not stand alone. They also have a great classic grilled cheese sandwich for $5.99.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

A food truck dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches? Sounds like heaven! The Grilled Cheese Truck makes daily stops all over LA. There are 11 different signature melts to choose from plus sides like tater tots and tomato soup. You can also customize your crusts and include savory add ons such as potato chips and caramelized onions. They have a collection of new melts including a three-cheese melt and buffalo chicken melt. Our favorite melt on the menu though would have to be the goat cheese melt with red onions, avocado, and fresh spinach.

There you have it. Our favorite grilled cheese sandwiches in LA. Enjoy and happy eating!