We all know that eating food is a part of life, but eating great food is culture. We thought it would be useful to introduce you to some cuisine that will remind you why Los Angeles is so well known for its food. Below is a tight-knit list of the tastiest food trucks in LA near your AVEN downtown LA apartments for rent.

food trucks in LA

AVEN’s Favorite Food Trucks in LA

Kogi BBQ

Plain and simple, Kogi BBQ is the gold standard of Korean food trucks in Los Angeles. It is also one of the first! What makes the food stand out is the sauce used in almost all of their dishes. It is spicy but not overwhelming and has a hint of sweetness that adds balance to every item on the menu. 

Recess Ice Cream Truck

Recess opened in 2013 and has been a neighborhood staple ever since. They offer tons of fun options like frozen hot chocolate, French toast sliders, sundaes, and ice cream sandwiches. They may ring a bell as they have provided sweet treats for many of our resident events. During the holidays they serve the most incredible s’ mores. Besides a cool treat during the summer, keep an eye out for their truck during Halloween and Christmas to grab a s’ more or four.

AVEN’s Favorite Food Trucks in LA

Cousins Maine Lobster 

The star of this show is lobster – processed and harvested in Maine. Cousins serve it classic with all the right flavors. That includes sweet, tender, and properly chilled lobster with a touch of mayo and seasonings placed on a New England style roll. Catch them while you can! 

Wise Barbecue Co.

This food truck prides itself on serving authentic Texas-style BBQ.  Even those that are not into BBQ will find themselves craving the pulled pork, brisket, and sausage link. 

AVEN’s Favorite Food Trucks in LA

While we would send you links to their schedules around LA, we are happy to report that most of these trucks are on rotation for our AVEN Food Truck Tuesdays! You can find them every week sitting outside of your AVEN apartments for rent in downtown Los Angeles in Margo Alley from 5 PM to 9 PM.