We all love donuts and for those who do not know, National Donut Day is next week. Friday, June 7th to be exact. And to be prepared, we have a list of the best donut shops near AVEN for you to celebrate this very important holiday.



First up is Birdies, one block away from us. Right when they open their doors, they make fresh donuts every two hours. It is also one of our favorite shops for coffee. They have great monthly specials but we highly suggest getting one of their staples. In particular, the candied bacon maple or the cinnamon toast crunch. While this is a blog about donuts, their fried chicken sandwiches are something to rave about. 

Donut Friend

There is also Donut Friend. One thing we love about Donut Friend are the prices. One pastry here will cost you $2.50 and you can get 9 donut holes for $3. And like many on this list, they get very creative. For instance, their Nutellavision is prepared like a bagel with cream cheese but with chocolate hazelnut spread in between a vanilla glazed donut. However, nothing is cooler than ordering your very own DIY Donut where you guessed it, you create your own donut! Also, all you vegans out there will love this place. Everything on their menu is made with zero animal products. That means no eggs, dairy, honey, bone, char, or confectioner’s glaze. Can you say donut goals?!


Another great shop to find some vegan options is Dōnatsu. Fan favorites include the Ube with toasted coconut or the pistachio rose matcha. And feel free to pair it with one of their off tap kombuchas.

Downtown Donuts

Located in the Broadway Arcade Building is our next donut shop, Downtown Donuts. Unlike most of these shops, Downtown keeps it simple and classic. So if you are looking for something traditional, this is the place.  

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken is next. One fun thing about Astro is that they have a glassed-in kitchen where you can see all the sugary delight in action. Even cooler, they have a CBD doughnut! They are known for their gourmet and oft-rotating flavors. Our favorites are the PB&J and vegan chocolate.

Donut Snob

Made fresh daily and hand glazed, Donut Snob really prioritizes aesthetic. That in mind, a box of these sweet treats will make for a great gift. Fan favorites include the Razzy Lemon Lulu and Blueberry Earl Grey.

California Donuts

While this may be a bit of drive, over in Koreatown is California Donuts where you can find some of the most adorable pastries in town. Highly Instagrammable, they have panda-themed pastries, as well as cereal, topped donuts.


Well, there you have it! Tons of shops just around the corner from AVEN. All you have to do now is decide where to go. Good luck!