National Greasy Foods Day is upon us! We want to make sure you have insight into the best burgers in LA. So dig into our blog post and get ready to celebrate the greasiest time of the year.

best burgers in LA

Best Burgers in LA: Everson Royce Bar

First up is a gastropub very close to your AVEN luxury apartment, Everson Royce Bar. Located in the DTLA Arts District, this indoor/outdoor bar features a beautiful patio covered in twinkling lights. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an elegant version of a high school house party, making it perfect for a girl’s night out or drinks with co-workers. Now, the menu. For anyone looking for a simple burger, ERB is the place to go. In particular, the single burger with prime beef chuck, Tillamook cheddar, and an egg brioche bun. And be sure to get a side of fries with that burger. Quick pro-tip, book yourself a table ahead of time! This LA hotspot gets packed. 


Looking for an affordable burger joint? Head on over to HiHo Cheeseburger in Santa Monica. What we love about HiHo is that you know you are getting high-quality, clean-tasting beef. The meat itself is entirely wagyu, grass-fed, non-GMO, and non-antibiotic. Everything on the menu is tender and divine, especially when it includes the onion jam. Also, we cannot talk about the HiHo burger without mentioning their banana cream pies. 

Best Burgers in LA: Animal

If you’re looking for something adventurous, look no further! Animal Restaurant located on Fairfax offers one of the most unique burgers in town. Chef Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo are known for Two Dudes Catering on the Food Network has created the Boner Burger which is named for the bone marrow mixed in with house-ground chuck and short-rib topped off with its special 420 sauce.


When you think of Thai food, you normally don’t think of burgers. Located in Thai town on Sunset, Jitlada doesn’t offer this off-menu Jazz burger to just anyone. Most of the time, she offers this burger exclusively to her regulars. For most first time guests, you’ll have to ask ahead of time because Jazz may not have all the ingredients needed for this delectable item. If you do end up building rapport with the owner Jazz, it is well worth the wait. Packed with Thai spices, this burger has some heat to it. If you don’t get a chance to try out the Jazz burger, the Dungeness Crab with garlic sauce is worth the trip to Thai Town.

Best Burgers in LA: Electric Owl

Located on land that was once a train station, this neighborhood restaurant and bar has a beautiful vintage outdoor seating area. Electric Owl’s Smash Burger is made with Wagyu dry-aged beef that is packed with flavor. To change things up a bit, they pair your burger up with ranch tots and various aiolis that are to die for! Whether you like cocktails or beer, this place has a great Happy Hour menu. Take for instance their Nose Job IPA.

Plan Check

Last but certainly not least, Plan Check, our favorite burger in town. Only about a mile away from your Aven apartment, Plan Check will leave you wanting more. They are famous for their ketchup leather and PCB (Plan Check Burger). Although it might seem bizarre, the ketchup leather melts in your mouth and prevents your burgers from ever becoming soggy.