If there is one thing everyone at AVEN luxury apartments in LA has in common, it is our love for brunch. Thankfully, our AVEN blog now has an entirely new list of spots to grab brunch in LA.

brunch in LA

Brunch in LA

Aroma Coffee and Tea

We are going to start our brunch list in the valley. Before we discuss brunch, one of the greatest things about Aroma Coffee and Tea in Studio City is that it is open until 11 PM. They have no alcohol but if you find yourself visiting friends in Studio City, try and end the night at Aroma with a large slice of chocolate cake and an Italian soda. Alright, back to brunch. You know you have arrived when you find a long line outside the door. The decor is adorable and includes a garden patio as well as indoor dining in what looks like someone’s living room and dining room. They have a great turkey pesto panini as well as a grilled salmon sandwich.

Maury’s Bagels

Brunch menus often come equipped with alcohol for your mimosas and an adorable al fresco dining area. Maury’s Bagels has no alcohol and no elaborate outdoor patio. It does have the best bagels in the city. First-timers should try the Nova lox on a sesame bagel. Other highlights on the menu include their sable bagel with smoked black cod. If you want a more unique bagel, there is the Mori bagel. It is a bit pricier than the others. If this $22 special is available, you will be biting into a sesame bagel with lox, cream cheese, thinly sliced cucumber, and wasabi tobiko on top.

Brunch in LA

Your’s Truly

Let’s swing on over to West LA. Abbot Kinney is highly dependable when it comes to brunch. That especially goes for Yours Truly. Their menu is perfectly balanced with a collection of sweet and savory dishes. That includes the rye waffles with house-made ricotta and cinnamon rolls. 

Charcoal Venice

Who here loves eggs for brunch? Over in Marina Del Rey, you will find our last brunch spot on this list, Charcoal Venice. The menu covers all the essentials with a twist. In particular the eggs Benedict with jet-black hollandaise sauce. The eclectic flavors continue with their persimmon pancake with pomegranate and lemon.


We suggest you get going on this list as soon as you can. For all our new neighbors, head on over to our first brunch blog post here to get more insight on where to brunch in LA.